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Silent upgrade of SureLock for Samsung using SureMDM Nix Agent for Samsung

Jan 17, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
ProductSureLock with Samsung

There are times when you want to upgrade SureLock on devices which are not physically present with you and you also don’t want any interruptions of activities on those devices during upgrades. Running silent or unattended upgrades will solve this problem.

Now with SureMDM Nix Agent for Samsung, you can perform a silent or unattended upgrade of  SureLock for Samsung, which means:

      No need to disable the lockdown for upgrade

      No interaction required from the user

      No display or indication of upgrade in device

      No device reboot required

Here is how you can perform silent or unattended upgrade SureLock for Samsung using SureMDM Nix Agent for Samsung:

1. Access SureLock for Samsung Admin Settings

2. Check and enable Disable Other Home Screens and Enable Watchdog Service

surelock settings


3. Now, Enable Nix Services in SureMDM Nix Agent for Samsung

4. Tap and enable, Enable Admin option

enable nix services

5. Next, Login to SureMDM Web Console


6. Go to Jobs and click on New


7.  Select Android and then Install Program


8. On Multiple Install Job Properties prompt, tap on Add


9.  Next, browse and select the new SureLock apk file and specify the path on device for the installation

10. Check Install After Copy and click on OK


11. Now, create Run Script Job with following script:




12. Now create a Composite Job with above Install Program and Install Script


13. Select the device from the list of devices and Apply the Composite Job


14. Once the Job is applied, SureLock for Samsung will be silently upgraded in the device

To know more about SureLock for Samsung, click here

To download a  SureLock for Samsung trial version, click here

To signup for a SureMDM 30 days trial, click here

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