Remotely Update Video Playlist in SureVideo

Apr 14, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureVideo
Platform Android

If you have multiple video playing kiosks installed at different locations, it is difficult to manage and update their video playlists individually.

SureVideo, when used with Dropbox and Dropsync, can help you remotely manage the video playlists of multiple kiosks.

Here is how it works:

SureVideo Dropbox Dropsync Flow

SureVideo – Provides device lockdown and loops video (downloaded in the device)

Dropbox – Stores the video (downloaded in both device and computer)

Dropsync – Syncs Dropbox content to a local folder in the device (downloaded in the device)

Once you have installed all the applications, follow below mentioned process:


1. Create a new folder in your Dropbox folder

2. For now, you can name it as SureVideo Playlist

3. Now, copy the videos you want to play with SureVideo in this folder


1. Launch Dropsync

2. Go to Settings

3. On Settings screen, tap on Synced Folders

4. On Synced Folders screen, tap on Add Synced Folders

5. Create a new folder named SureVideo Files and tap on it to select

6. Tap on Select to go to the next screen

6. Next, on Select Dropbox Folder screen, select SureVideo Playlist from the list

7. Tap on Select to go to the next screen

8. On Sync Method screen, select Download mirror and tap on Next

9. On Enable/Disable Sync screen, tap on Sync Enable to enable it

10. Tap on Done to complete


1. Access SureVideo Settings

2. On Main Menu screen, tap on SureVideo Settings

3. On SureVideo Settings, tap on Configure Playlist

4. On Configure Playlist screen, tap on Add Video File/Folder

6. Tap on Add Files/Folders

7. Browse and select the SureVideo Files folder from the device

8. Tap on Back and return to Main Menu

9. Tap on Done to complete

Now, SureVideo will start playing the contents of the local SureVideo File folder which automatically gets synced with Dropbox and updates the content at specified interval.

To read more about SureVideoclick here

To download a free trialclick here   

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