Remote Screen Capture for Android devices with SureMDM

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Android

To remotely monitor and capture screen of an Android device using SureMDMyou will have to root your Android device and use SuperSU client. We recommend you to switch to SuperSU in case you are using some other Super User client for managing super user permissions. Once you have rooted your device, follow the steps below:

 Configure SureMDM Nix Agent:

1. Download SureMDM Nix Agent

2. Launch SureMDM Nix Agent

3. Tap on Settings to go to SureMDM Nix Settings


4. Tap on Add Superuser Privileges to enable it

5. SureMDM Nix will prompt to reboot the device. Tap on Reboot

6. If SuperSU displays superuser prompt for SureMDM Nix, tap on Grant/Allow. The device will reboot

7. After reboot, go back to SureMDM Nix Settings and enable Enable Admin option

8. Tap on Back to complete and go to SureMDM Nix Home Screen

9. On SureMDM Nix Home Screen, make sure to check the Green Online status.


Using SureMDM Web Console:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. Select the device from the Device List

3. Click on Remote from the Quick Action Toolbar

4. Next, click on Remote Screen tab

5. Remote screen will have following options:

  • Device Status 
  • Settings – Rotate Screen / Image Quality
  • Play / Pause
  • Search
  • Capture Screen – Capture and save the screen

 6. Click on Capture Screen to save the screenshot on your computer


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