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Playing Videos at Scheduled Times Using SureVideo for Android

Jul 17, 2014 | 42Gears Team

SureVideo now allows you to create more than just a simple videos playlist. Using SureVideo‘s Schedule Playlist option, you can create multiple playlists and schedule them to be played at specific times.

To enable and schedule playlist in SureVideo, follow these steps:

1. Install and launch SureVideo.

2. Tap the SureVideo Home Screen for 5 times within 3 seconds to launch the password prompt.

3. On the password prompt. enter SureVideo default password as 0000 (four zeros). On successful Login, Main Menu screen appears.

4. On Main Menu screen, tap SureVideo Settings.

5. On SureVideo Settings screen, tap Configure Playlist.

6. On Configure Playlist screen, tap Add Playlist.

7.  On Configure Playlist, enter Playlist Name and tap Add Media File/Folder/URL to add videos.

8. Tap and select Enable Scheduling of Playlist.

9. Tap Schedule At and specify the time for the playlist to start playing.

10. Tap Done to complete

The scheduled playlist will automatically start playing at the specified time.

Note: You can create as many playlists as possible and use Schedule Playlist option to schedule them at different specified times.


To read more about SureVideoclick here

To download a trial version, click here

For any other queries, send an email to


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