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How to activate Supervised Mode on iPads/iPhones?

Jul 23, 2014 | 42Gears Team


To use remote features like setting Single App Mode and silent app installation in SureMDM for iOS devicesyou have to activate Supervised Mode on your device. Follow below-mentioned steps to activate Supervised Mode:

Note: Enabling Supervised Mode will wipe all data from your device. For security reasons, Apple does not allow to supervise the device if Find My iPhone option is enabled on the device.

1. Download and install the Apple Configuratoron your Mac

2. Attach your iOS device to the Mac

3. Run the Apple Configurator 2

4. Select the device and click on Prepare

5. Select Manualfrom the dropdown and click on Next

6. Select Do not enroll in MDMfrom the dropdown and click on Next

7. Check both the options Supervise Device and Allow devices to pair with other computer and click on Next

8. Select Organization name and click on Next

9. Configure Setup Assistant and click on Prepare

10. The device will now be wiped and will reboot as a new iOS device

11. After the process goes through successfully, the device will be in Supervised Mode


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