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Introducing CPU and Memory Utilization Tracking in AstroFarm

Aug 03, 2022 | 42Gears Team

Software outages wreak havoc on businesses and end users. When these outages happen frequently, they can cost you dearly and bring your business operations to a standstill. In recent times, many tech giants have faced major outages. For example, Instagram experienced two outages in the past month. Even Microsoft experienced an episode; they resolved an issue that caused Office applications like Word and Excel to crash when working with cloud documents. How can businesses solve this? One of the easiest ways is to make performance testing a priority. 

However, testing and debugging can be time-consuming processes. You can reduce the debugging time by checking for performance issues related to the database, network, bandwidth, or software during test execution.

Some of the key metrics used during a performance test include Response Times, Latency, Error,  Bandwidth, and Resource Utilization. Read on to know more about Resource Utilization. 

What is Resource Utilization?

Resource utilization can be used to keep track of how occupied different system resources are while executing a performance test. While each application has a distinct profile, they have four key metrics in common: Network, I/O, CPU, and Memory. In this blog, we’ll have a look at CPU and Memory utilization in AstroFarm, the private device farm solution by 42Gears. 

CPU Utilization

Measuring CPU Utilization is vital because it shows you which servers may be problematic or could be a bottleneck. A CPU bottleneck occurs in 2 ways: a processor running at more than 80% capacity for an extended period of time and an excessively long processor queue. 

Let's look at how AstroFarm can track this metric. The device console page of the device selected for use displays the real-time CPU performance for that session.

After device usage, the history of CPU and Memory utilization of the used devices can be accessed in the Astrofarm console's Reports section.

Select "view" to see real-time CPU utilization during your session, a demo chart is shown below. 

The graphs are updated every 20 seconds from session start to end to ensure you can  precisely detect when spikes occur due to real-time data updates.  

Memory Utilization 

When the amount of memory used by the process is unusually high despite proper handling routines, it indicates that you need to fix memory leaks before taking the application live. Also, suppose there isn't enough RAM available. In that case, the memory bottleneck formed will slow down the rate at which data enters the processor unit, causing  the system to shut down. 

On the AstroFarm console, spot high memory utilization at a glance using intuitive graphs and quickly find out what is causing application slowness in real-time in the device console. 

To track usage after device use, view details in the report section.

Along with tracking CPU and memory utilization, a user can also observe past session history and export the graphs to share with their teams. 

AstroFarm’s new feature for tracking CPU & memory utilization assists users to detect unexpected changes in usage, evaluate anomalies, and correct them, ensuring  applications are running smoothly and as intended.

Want to learn more about tracking CPU and memory utilization in AstroFarm? Check out this interesting video.

About AstroFarm

AstroFarm is a private mobile device farm that empowers your distributed QA and DevOps teams with real devices they can access from anywhere, anytime, while maximizing ROI and minimizing e-waste and improving productivity.

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