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How to get notification badges in SureLock for Samsung Android devices

Jan 21, 2015 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Android Samsung

The constant buzzing of your phone or tablet with every notification and alert seems maddening. And the consequent checking of the device can be a major source of distraction for anyone.  But, does that mean you should turn off notifications and alerts altogether?

Turning off notifications and alerts may not be a wise step and especially for Android device which only momentarily displays the notifications and gets collected in the notification panel which has to be swiped open from the top panel. So, there are possibilities that the users do not notice new notifications and miss important messages or alerts.


This is where Notifications Badges comes into the picture. The purpose of this feature is to let the user know how many unread alerts or notifications are there for each of the installed applications and notifies which applications need your immediate attention.

SureLock now has a new feature to show notification badge for all allowed applications which supports notifications.

To enable notification badge, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureLock Settings by tapping on SureLock Homescreen 5 times within 3 seconds


2. On SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock Settings


3. On SureLock Settings screen, tap and enable Notification Badge option


4. Tap on Done to complete.

If you want to explore more such features of SureLock, download a trial here.

To contact us, click here.

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