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How Max recovered his lost mobile phone? (Complete Story)

Oct 06, 2010 | 42Gears Team

Max left his office after a hard day at work. As soon as he got into a taxi outside the office, his phone started ringing. The call was from the boss who asked Max to immediately respond to an important client’s email. Max kept his Windows Mobile phone aside on the empty seat before taking out his laptop to start the “work”.

By the time Max sent out the email he had reached home. Moment he entered the house, Max realized that he forgot to pick up his phone from the taxi. He panicked. The thought that his confidential corporate data, personal pictures, passwords and emails could fall into wrong hands, made him nervous.

Lost Mobile

Lost Mobile

But there was a hope. Max realized that just previous week he had installed SureCop on his phone. Max knew what he had to do now. The tension was gone.

Max took his wife’s phone and sent a SMS command to remotely lock his lost phone. Assured that now no one can access applications and data on the phone, Max was ready to take further actions. He sent another SMS command to locate the phone. Very soon his phone responded with the GPS location along with the map url. The map showed that the phone was about five blocks away from his house.

Now Max had two choices; First option was to send a remote data wipe command which will erase everything on the phone’s main memory as well as the on the external storage card. The other option was to attempt to recover the phone by informing the cab driver about the lost phone. Max chose the second option.
He sent the Shout Aloud SMS command to his phone and then another command to inform the driver to give a call back. The taxi driver heard the screaming noise from the phone in the back seat. He picked up the phone and saw the message asking him to call back. He pressed the Callback button on the SureCop screen which automatically dialled the phone number from which Max was sending the SMS commands.

Max was happy to hear the incoming call from his own phone. He talked to the driver and told him his home address. Soon the driver was at his doorsteps and Max was reunited with his phone. And they lived happily ever after.

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