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Mobile device security threats you should know about

42Gears TeamFor most purposes smartphones today are almost as powerful as computers. There are now more phones in the world than the number of computers. Phones are being used by people to check emails, browse web, make online payments, download games, take pictures, track location and much more. Along with these powerful features we should…

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How to Remote Wipe your Windows Mobile devices?

42Gears TeamDevice security is one of the prime concerns why companies deploy mobile device management solutions such as SureMDM. An important requirement is the capability to remotely wipe the critical business data (hopefully all data) residing on the device incase of loss or theft. Remote Wipe is also known as Remote Kill. 42Gears mobile device…

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SureCop: Anti-theft for Windows Mobile just got better

42Gears TeamLatest version of SureCop, our Anti-theft solution has been released with an important improvement. It now has better support for handling various phone number formats. If the phone is not responding to SMS commands from partner phones even if the correct password is specified, you should try out the latest version. Download is available…

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Anti-theft Security Solution for Enterprise Windows Mobile devices

42Gears TeamSureCop has received good response from customers since it was released to market in late September. As of today SureCop is among Top 5 security tools at German version is especially doing very well. Now we are making SureCop available to our enterprise customers. Volume pricing is available and a few companies have…

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42Gears has done a complete review of SureCop. Here is the link: To learn more about SureCop for Windows Mobile and how it can protect your mobile phone, please visit Share this:

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Find your phone with SureCop’s Shout Aloud feature

42Gears TeamShout Aloud is a neat little feature in SureCop that you can use to play a loud ringer on your lost phone. This is very useful if you have misplaced your phone in the house or somewhere else. Shout Aloud works even if the lost phone is in silent or vibrate mode. To learn…

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How Max recovered his lost mobile phone? (Complete Story)

42Gears TeamMax left his office after a hard day at work. As soon as he got into a taxi outside the office, his phone started ringing. The call was from the boss who asked Max to immediately respond to an important client’s email. Max kept his Windows Mobile phone aside on the empty seat before…

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German version for SureCop Released

42Gears TeamSureCop is now available in German language. Download it from the following page: Cheers, SureCop Team SureCop: “Safeguard your phone and personal data” Share this:

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