Auto Reload Home Page on Network Reconnect on iPad Kiosk [SureFox iOS]

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform iOS Version 6/6.1

What make iPads effective interactive kiosks are because of its simplicity and its accommodating features. Whether it is Guided Access or features like AirPlay or AirPrint.

And when such features are combined with SureFox, iPad is instantly turned into a web kiosk with just few touches of your fingertips. Kiosks Ideal for Informational purposes or kiosks for Information gathering, branding or even as display medium at conferences and exhibitions.

What if you have used iPad for an interactive web kiosk at a place with patchy internet connection. You would not like to manually maintain the kiosk every time the connection is unavailable and rearrange the screen for the next customer when the network regains.

One of the SureFox features can be used in such kind of situation – Go to Home on Network Regain. This feature once enabled will automatically redirects the screen to SureFox Homepage after every network loss and regain.

auto redirection on network regain

 Here is how you can activate the Go to Home on Network Gain option in your SureFox –

1. Access SureFox Settings by tapping 5 times within 3 seconds on the SureFox Homescreen

2. On the SureFox Settings, tap on Browser Preferences


3. On Browser Preferences screen, tap and enable Go to Home on Network Gain option

go to home on network gain

4. Once done click on Settings to go back to SureFox Settings

5. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Done to complete the process


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