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Allow SureFox website shortcuts in SureLock

Dec 15, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureFox/SureLock
Platform Android


Sometimes you might need to allow few URL shortcuts on your SureLock homescreen, without giving users access to any other site. SureFox Basic in conjunction with SureLock can help you achieve this lockdown configuration. Following settings will be required

1. Allow SureFox as an allowed application in SureLock. Select “Hide Icon” for this so that SureFox application launch icon is not visible on SureLock home screen

2. Configure SureLock to accept Shortcuts created in system.

3. Create your URL Shortcuts from SureFox

Detail steps are as follows:

SureLock Settings:

1. Launch SureLock

2. Access SureLock Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen, within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Applications

4. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App

5. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on SureFox and select Hide Icon in Home Screen option

6. Tap on Done to return to SureLock Settings screen

7. On SureLock Settings screen, tap on Manage Shortcuts

8. On Manage Shortcuts screen, select  Accept New Shortcut option

9.  Tap on Done to complete

10. Exit SureLock

SureFox Settings:

1. Launch SureFox

2. Access SureFox Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Websites

4. Tap on Add URL and enter the URL of the website you want to allow

5. On Add/Edit Allowed Websites screen, tap on the allowed website and tap on Shortcut

6. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences

7. On Browser Preferences screen, select Allow exit using Back Button

8. Tap on Done and exit SureFox

Now, if you launch SureLock, you will see the shortcut of the website listed on the home screen.

To read more about SureLock, click here.

To read more about SureFox, click here.

To download a trial version of SureFox for Androidclick here

Click here to contact us.

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