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New Optimized Android Remote Control and Support Feature in SureMDM

Dec 15, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Android

SureMDM with its centralized management and monitoring features make mobile device and mobile workforce management easy and efficient.  One of such salient features of SureMDM is Remote Control and Support. This feature allows IT Pros to remotely connect to enrolled mobile devices in the field, view its screen, browse through local files and control it using SureMDM Web Console.

42Gears has made improvements in the performance and reliability in its remote feature by making it user friendly with new HTML5 based user interface.

Please note that the remote view feature is available on all Android devices running Android 4.2.2 and above. However, the remote control feature which allows touch events on the device screen, the device has to be either a Samsung KNOX or platform-signed device.

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