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42Gears Unveils SureMDM Hub Cloud For MSPs

Nov 08, 2022 | 42Gears Team

In the post-pandemic era, a majority of organizations have adopted a remote work/hybrid work model. Because of this, many businesses have started using MDM solutions to improve workflows and increase productivity. Needless to say, this has made matters worse for managed service providers. They often struggle to create and manage separate MDM accounts and login credentials for each client. As the number of accounts increases, it also becomes difficult for them to keep track of licenses allocated, billing, and renewals. In addition, setting up a separate instance for each customer becomes more expensive and inefficient over time.

42Gears solves these issues with its state-of-the-art platform, SureMDM Hub - a platform that is now available for both cloud and on-premise deployments.

SureMDM Hub is an intuitive tool built specifically to help managed service providers offer seamless, secure, and scalable mobile device management services to their customers from a single admin console. It is designed to help our partners lower their operating costs while increasing revenue. 

Capabilities of SureMDM Hub

SureMDM Hub allows IT admins to launch new SureMDM customer instances quickly and easily. It enables them to access customer portals securely with Single-Sign-On (SSO). It also lets customers brand their instances of SureMDM Hub with their company logo.

Manage Licenses Centrally

42Gears provides a multi-tenant setup to help partners streamline their offerings. Depending on their needs, each customer of a managed service provider or reseller may use either the same SureMDM license tier (Standard, Premium, or Enterprise) or different SureMDM license tiers split between Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Using the multi-tier model of SureMDM Hub, OEM partners, MSPs, and resellers can purchase global licenses and provide the types of licenses that would best suit the needs of their clients.

Additional Security Layer

We know that hosting, billing, and licensing for a large number of customers can be both difficult and time-consuming. SureMDM Hub can make this easy for MSPs by enabling them to manage all the key processes from a single deployment. Despite being hosted from a single admin console, customer instances and data are isolated from each other to provide an additional layer of security. Also, SureMDM Hub has a simple backend infrastructure that saves our partners from having to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

The Key Benefits of SureMDM Hub

SureMDM Hub Deployment

SureMDM Hub now supports both for on-premise and cloud deployments. Partners that need more control over their data and infrastructure can opt for on-premise deployment, while those that would like 42Gears to manage and maintain the Hub infrastructure for them can go for SureMDM Hub Cloud.

Easy Onboarding

MSPs can easily add and manage new tenant instances and set up their roles in the tenant hub with the help of an easy-to-use admin console. 

Multi-Tenant Management

SureMDM Hub can help MSPs manage multiple customers from a single admin console while keeping each customer's data separate. 

Multi-Tier Licensing

SureMDM Hub can support multiple license types in the same instance of SureMDM. Customers can choose the license tier that meets their needs without any added complexity on the host’s end. 

Cost Savings

Partners can avoid penalties for license renewals and expiration dates by setting up alert notifications. In addition, with SureMDM Hub Cloud, 42Gears partners can get started without having to bear the initial set-up cost.

Robust Customization Options

Admins can brand individual customer accounts to personalize their SureMDM experience as each customer has a unique instance.

API Integration

Partners can execute customer management, license allocation, deallocation, and other activities from their own systems using SureMDM Hub APIs. 


MSPs can also track the Hub’s usage by scheduling audit reports or downloading them whenever required. 

Feature-rich and easy-to-deploy, SureMDM Hub is a great solution for MSPs and resellers looking to provide MDM services to multiple customers using a single admin console.

Choose the feature-rich SureMDM Hub for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Tier Device Management

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42Gears Launches SureMDM Hub for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Tier Device Management

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