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Demystifying Android Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment

Mass device enrollment and provisioning mobile devices has always been a cumbersome and time-consuming task for IT admins. The entire process that is usually followed involves unpacking the mobile device, booting up, and installing all required business application and configuration. This process took lot of time to get the device ready for operational use. Google…

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iPad and iPhone Screen Sharing using SureMDM

Ability to remotely view iOS screen in real-time is an excellent way to provide technical support or training to your iPhone and iPad users. If you can see it, you can fix it. 42Gears EMM solution – SureMDM has an built-in feature to remotely view iPhone and iPad screens right from the browser window on…

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Better Customer Experience at Restaurants using Smart Devices based Digital Signage

With sales of $799 billion (Source:National Restaurant Association Report 2017), US restaurant industry is one of the largest potential markets for the new age technologies. Nowadays, many restaurants are adopting digital signage solutions in an effort to boost sales and enhance customer service. Any off-the shelf smart devices based on Android or Windows OS can…

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