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Prevent Mobile Devices From Distracting Your Drivers

If your business relies on mobile workforce who deliver services or products to customers, it is very important to constantly monitor them for their safety and efficiency. Among these employees who are always on the move, drivers equipped with mobile devices are the ones who are more vulnerable as they are prone to speeding and distraction-related incidents.…

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Build secure web kiosks using Windows PCs and Tablets

Follow @42gears The recent release of Windows PCs/tablets with touch capability, enhanced display features and better battery life has enabled Windows 7/8/10 devices to be used as dedicated or public-use kiosks. But, if these devices are deployed in the unmonitored and unlocked state, they are prone to misuse, vulnerable to security threats and exposed to harmful…

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Innovative Trials deploys an EMM ecosystem in just weeks with 42Gears products

Follow @42gears Innovative Trials is a full-service provider of first-class patient recruitment and retention solutions to Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). They offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of all kinds of studies. Innovative Trials maximize the potential for patient recruitment, thereby helping complete recruitment for the study on time. Mobile devices deployed for…

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