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Build your own Android Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Android POS Terminal is a digital equipment  based on Android platfrom, used by merchants and vendors to accept orders from customers and for processing credit card, debit card or cash payments. POS systems also have the ability to connect with enterprise systems such as inventory management. So far, POS systems were being built using custom hardware,…

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Why Android Lollipop Screen Pinning Fails for Enterprises and Schools

Mobile devices with operating systems like Android and iOS have evolved from personal communication devices to essential business tools. The operating systems are constantly evolving and adapting to demanding environments in businesses and educational institutions to provide optimized functionalities and enhanced security. In order to cater to the persistent need of securing an iOS device from misuse, Apple launched Guided…

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How to Child-Proof Your Android Tablet or Smartphone?

A common concern if you have kids at home is that you cannot keep their curious mind and attention away from mobile phones and tablets. There are times when parents choose an easy way to keep the kids occupied and quiet by giving away their phones. Many parents later realize that their decision to hand…

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