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How to hide or disable Top Notification Bar in Android?

Are you planning to give Android devices to your employees or use it as a kiosk in your store? For such deployments, using the Android device without proper lockdown might not be a good idea as this invites unnecessary activities on the device like gaming, unsupervised browsing, downloads etc. This results in wastage of productive hours…

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How to launch SureFox from other apps on iPads and iPhones?

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS With SureFox App Scheme, it is possible to launch SureFox from another app, and by providing a URL after the scheme, SureFox will launch and open the URL. The URL will load if it’s in the list of allowed website, else an error page will be shown. SureFox can be launched…

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SureFox iOS Javascript API

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS   SureFox iOS now comes with built-in set of Javascript APIs. Embed them in your web application to perform variety of actions such as refreshing the page or resetting SureFox Idle Timer. In order to use these methods, make changes in your web page by making functions as: window.location = “sfcallback:reload” List of…

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