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Playing Flash Content in SureFox

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Android If you have allowed websites in SureFox which have embedded flash videos, sometimes while trying to play the flash videos, you may get an error message – Install Plugin. This error is due to the absence of  Flash Player Plugin in the device. We would recommend you to download and install a reliable…

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Android equivalent of iOS Guided Access Mode

  iOS Guided Access Mode Guided Access Mode was introduced in iOS 6.0 and is used to help device user stay focused on one application while using an iOS device. This feature limits the iOS devices to run just a single application. Guided Access can be used to achieve the following -. Restrict iOS device…

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Perform Quick Actions and Troubleshoot with iOS SureFox Log

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS 6 and above   Information in a log file can be more than just a chronological record of events in a software. The log file can be used to: Identify and analyze problems Pinpoint and fix problems SureFox for iOS takes the existence of logs further than just a file you…

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