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Configuring Lockdown Settings Remotely for Windows using Cloud

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform Windows 7/Windows 8 Businesses with mobile workforce require secure and uncompromisable devices to ensure responsible usage, improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost. One way to achieve the above mentioned objectives is by allowing access to only required applications and preventing the users from making any intended or unintended changes on…

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Sub Classing a WPF Application’s WndProc

Applies to: Product General Platform Windows With the introduction of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), developers can now create rich User Interface applications which is preferred by end users. While developing such applications, sometimes there can be a need to intercept the Window messages. This can be achieved easily in Win32 and WinForm applications and one…

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Execute Script Commands on Samsung Devices using SureMDM Nix

Applies to: Product SureMDM/Samsung Nix Platform Android   With SureMDM, you can create jobs (read more) and deploy it to your devices remotely. One of the jobs listed for Android devices is Run Script. With Run Script, you can create a Job to remotely execute script commands on the devices. List of Scripts Commands: 1.Enable KNOX:…

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