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How to Hide Bottom Bar in Android Tablets using SureLock

  Android smartphones and tablets provide portable, convenient and powerful platform for businesses. Android 4.0 onwards, Google introduced a bottom bar in Android UI with few buttons on it. This bar helps users multitask and navigate through device application and settings. Different device manufacturers like Samsung, Asus have extended this bottom bar with even more options…

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SureFox + HTML5 = Deliver Awesome Web Applications to your Mobile Workforce

Get the best of both worlds with complete browser lockdown and comprehensive HTML5 feature set with the new SureFox. Whether it’s a basic kiosk implementation or an enterprise with specific business needs, SureFox has something for you. Checkout the rich collection of features, technologies, and APIs of HTML5 supported by SureFox:  FEATURES OFFLINE: localStorage, Web SQL Database Storage, online/offline events,…

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