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42Gears Mobility Systems Releases Mobile Browser Lockdown for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices

set 04, 2011 | 42Gears Team

Bangalore, India – September 04, 2011: 42Gears Mobility Systems today announced release of latest version of KioskIE browser lockdown solution for mobile devices. KioskIE provides a secure and controlled environment for using mobile web applications on devices based on industrial grade Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows CE 6.0 platforms.

Web applications are easy to develop, deploy and update than the traditional client-server applications. But they require a web browser to run. Default browsers on mobile devices are designed for consumers with general purpose usability which is not suitable for running Mobile LOB (Line of business) applications including data collection applications such as warehouse management, field-service, parcel delivery etc.

KioskIE runs on top of built-in Internet Explorer browser that comes as part of Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. KioskIE converts built-in general purpose browser into a locked-browser where extensive feature-set of original browser are still available to the web application developer but the end-users can only use the web application and nothing else. Various lockdown options include blocking access to un-allowed websites, disable tap-and-hold context menu, disable keypad and/or disable access to browser settings such as Favorites or Security options.

Lockdown of Internet Explorer is achieved easily using KioskIE control panel applet. And moreover whenever required administrator can quit the locked-down mode and return the browser to default settings.

“By providing easiest and most effective mobile browser lock down, 42Gears KioskIE is able to improve the productivity of mobile workers, increase application reliability and reduce the total cost associated with development and deployment of mobile web applications”, said Onkar Singh, Managing Director at 42Gears.

KioskIE has become an important part of 42Gears Enterprise Mobility Management Suite along with SureMDM, SureLock and SureCop.

More information about KioskIE is available at

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