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42Gears California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance Statement

Starting on January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) will govern how businesses handle the personal information of California residents. CCPA is a new consumer protection and data privacy act which enhances privacy rights for residents of the state of California in the United States. The advent of CCPA will place new obligations…

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Modernizing Supply Chain and Logistics with Mobile Technology

Supply chain industry is about moving materials from point of origin to finally the point of consumption. To remain competitive in today’s economy, it has become inevitable for establishments to incorporate mobile technology in their operations. Introduction of mobile devices increases efficiency, cuts cost, helps in making better decisions and streamlines operations in supply chain.…

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42Gears Mobility Systems Releases Mobile Browser Lockdown for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices

Bangalore, India – September 04, 2011: 42Gears Mobility Systems today announced release of latest version of KioskIE browser lockdown solution for mobile devices. KioskIE provides a secure and controlled environment for using mobile web applications on devices based on industrial grade Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows CE 6.0 platforms. Web applications are easy to develop,…

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Great news! 42Gears joins Microsoft BizSpark Program

42Gears has joined Microsoft BizSpark Program which is great for early-stage startups like us. Biggest advantage is the availability of development tools licenses and production licenses of server products along with support and visibility. Read more about the program here. Share this:

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Sales increase in December

Exactly opposite to our expectations and projections, sales have gone up nicely in December. It actually is turning out as the “best” month ever. We expected decision makers (for purchases) to be out of office for long vacation at this time of the year, but the results tell a completely different story. Probably we have…

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Customer list on the website

We thought it to be good idea to post a short list of customers who are using our products. Check it out here. More names will be added as we get permissions from other customers and ofcourse as we sell more. Share this:

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