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Virtual reality (VR) devices have moved beyond gaming and entertainment, securing a place in business environments. Organizations across the world are now leveraging these devices for training their workforces. Indeed, VR devices are changing the face of workforce training, replacing PowerPoint presentations with a more engaging and realistic approach to conducting training sessions. The fact that millenials respond better to and learn more quickly from such innovative technologies only makes VR devices more fitting for businesses that have already started breaking away from traditional models.

VR Device Management

Remotely monitor and secure your VR devices
Secure VR Management

Lock down into kiosk mode

Manage VR Management

Utilize our remote screen sharing feature

Transfer VR Management

Transfer files remotely

VR Management - lock

Turn devices into dedicated-purpose tools

Features Offered by VR Management Solution

VR Management Solution - Silent App Installation-01

Silent App Installation
Remotely install apps on VR devices without any user intervention or disruption of the user experience.

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VR Management Solution - Implement WiFi Center-01

Implement Wi-Fi Center
Give users the freedom to switch between Wi-Fi networks without compromising other device settings.

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VR Management Solution - Change Environment Wallpaper 2-01

Change Environment Wallpaper
Remotely change environment wallpaper for easy customization and branding.


VR Management Solution - Control visibility of Nix on VR Home Screen 2-01

Control the visibility of Nix on the VR device's home screen
Hide Nix on the VR device's home screen for security and to maintain the native experience.

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VR Management Solution - Single App Mode 2-01

Implement Single Application Mode
Turn VR devices into dedicated-purpose devices with only a single application running at all times.

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VR Management Solution - File Transfer-01

Remote File Transfer
Push files to VR devices over-the-air or through URLs.

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VR Management Solution - Remote Troubleshoot-01

Remote Support
Remotely view a mirror image of the VR screen on the UEM console.

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VR Devices We Support

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