SureLock for Windows

Convert Windows PCs and Tablets into Public Kiosks 

  • Restrict access to specific applications
  • Restrict access to specific websites 
  • Prevent unwanted malicious use 
  • Keyboard blocking and filtering
Windows Tablet Kiosk


Dedicated or public use kiosks based on Windows operating systems are often deployed in locations that cannot always be monitored by the IT team. It is important to maintain the security of these kiosks and protect them from intentional or unintentional misuse by users.

SureLock for Windows transforms a Windows based computer or tablet by locking them into a secure kiosk system. This allows IT administrators to restrict the use of these kiosks to only desired applications and functions.


  • Allows only white-listed applications to run
  • Allow browsing of only selected websites or URLs
  • Auto-launch selected applications at system startup
  • Auto-logon after system reboot
  • Keyboard filtering and configuration
  • Password protect settings
  • Customize background wallpaper
  • Disables access to Windows Task Manager
  • Easy mass deployment using SureMDM.

Case Studies


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Supported Platforms

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

Release Notes:

Version: 2.23

  1. Added an option to add program icons in taskbar on SureLock Homescreen
  2. Added support for configuring Keyboard Shortcuts to launch apps
  3. Improvements

Version: 2.22

  1. Added support for changing the “Default Zoom Level”
  2. Improvements

Version: 2.21

  1. Added support for subscription based licensing
  2. Added grace period for subscription and perpetual license
  3. Skip Grace period and trial mode, if device is offline

Version: 2.20

  1. Tabbed Browsing in SureFox
  2. Support for System Notifications
  3. Improvements

Version: 2.19

  1. Improvements

Version: 2.18

  1. Added a feature to access cellular network directly from SureLock windows
  2. Added a feature to select mouse pointer according to user needs
  3. Added feature to disable zoom in/out under SureLock for websites
  4. Added option to configure application name with defined color
  5. Added a feature to change the color of the task bar in SureLock Windows
  6. Added feature to select internet connections between 3G and 4G similar to WiFi
  7. Improved task bar
  8. Improvements

Version: 2.17

  1. SureLock Windows Screensaver
  2. Improvements

Version: 2.16

  1. SureLock Boot into Kiosk Mode
  2. Improvements

Version: 2.14

  1. Improvements

Version: 2.12

  1. New Add Application screen
  2. Improvements

Version: 2.11

  1. Push SureLock Windows settings from SureMDM
  2. Improvements

Version: 2.9

  1. Improvements

Version: 2.8

  1. Improvements

Version: 2.7

  1. Integration of SureFox and SureLock
    Manage lockdown of apps as well as websites using SureLock.

 Version: 2.5.10

  1. Enhanced UI
    SureLock now has a new start UI, System Tray and option to control auto login
  2. New mouse lockdown settings
    SureLock now has options to block right click and scroll.
  3. Enhancement in SureLock Task Bar
    SureLock Task Bar now supports small icons and auto hide. It also has a new volume control feature.
  4. Offline activation for SureLock.

Version: 2.3.12

  1. SureLock compatibility with Windows 10

Version: 2.1.2

  1. Single Application Mode 
    In Single Application Mode, only one application remains in the foreground of the device all the time.

Version: 2.0.24

  1. SureLock Analytics
    SureLock Analytics records all activities in SureLock and maintains a log which can be exported in .csv format.
  2. Icon Relocation and Resizing
    Use Icon Size option to change the size of the icon and font on SureLock Home Screen. Now, you also have the option to move and relocate icons anywhere on the screen.
  3. Diagnostic Logs
    Diagnostic Logs once enabled along with Watchdog Service will keep a record of all activities in SureLock including details of allowed and blocked applications.
  4. Configure Font and Icon Size on SureLock Home Screen
    The icons and font on SureLock Home Screen can now be customized to different sizes.
  5. Volume Control – Disable Hardware Volume Button
    You can now control the volume of the locked device by setting up the volume level and disabling the hardware volume button using this option.
  6. Prevent Suspend
    This option once enabled will disable the device from getting suspended even after long intervals of inactivity.
  7. Actions override option for Power Button, Lid Close and Sleep Button
    This option allows you to override the actions configured with Power Button, Lid Close (for laptops) and Sleep Button. For example, you can override and configure Power Button with different actions like restart device, shutting down, sleep or do nothing: