Case Study - Telecommunications

42Gears UEM helps Middle East Telecommunication Service Provider turn Mobile Devices into Promotional Tools 

Business Overview

The telecommunications company has multitude of mobile stores spread all across the country. It wanted to invest in an innovative promotional campaign by making use of its mobile devices displayed for sale, to promote its products and services. The company decided to play and loop promotional videos on its mobile devices during the time when they lie idle. This intelligent strategy allows major hardware investment cost saving for advertising by using its existing mobile devices.

Business Background

Being one of the biggest telecommunications service providers in the Middle East, the multinational company has operations spread across 17 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is one of the largest mobile network operators in the world and offers services to a customer base of more than 150 million users.


There were some requirements that the company had in mind:

  • One of the main criteria was the ability to easily change or update promotional content on a large number of devices at one go. The company wanted to play appropriate advertisement or informative videos in loop as per seasonal requirements.
  • The company was on the lookout for a plug-and-play solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing infrastructure setup.
  • It also wanted to display both Android and iOS devices for sale in its stores across UAE. The company wanted a solution that could work across multiple mobile operating systems.

There was a need for an easy-to-use and flexible digital signage solution that could help in its promotional campaign.


The telecommunication service provider opted for 42Gears’ Digital Signage Solution – SureVideo to run advertisements and promotional content on all its tablets and smartphones exhibited across the company’s stores in the UAE. The company also uses 42Gears’ UEM solution – SureMDM (On-premise), which integrates easily with the company-owned servers installed at their office premises, allowing employees to use company network. Using SureMDM, admins are able to push settings remotely, update video playlist and configure SureVideo settings

The company initially opted for a pilot program that ran for 2 months. After the successful completion of the trial period, the solution was deployed in over 100 stores across UAE on more than 2000 devices, including both Android and iOS devices. As per the deployment plan, large number of devices will be enabled using 42Gears products in future.

42Gears is unique in being the only UEM vendor that also provides a Digital Signage Solution.

Industry :  Telecommunications

Location : Middle East

Product : 42Gears UEM & SureVideo

Operating System : Android & iOS

Devices : Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Huawei

Challenges : One of the biggest telecommunications service providers in the Middle East wanted to utilize the smartphones and tablets displayed for sale across its mobile stores to play promotional videos in a loop during idle time. The company required a digital signage solution that would allow it to deliver targeted content and push content updates easily.

Solutions : The telecommunications service provider opted for SureVideo digital signage solution from 42Gears to play promotional videos on devices across its mobile stores. It also uses 42Gears UEM solution – SureMDM, to remotely push and update content on all its devices from a centralized console.       


  • SureVideo digital signage solution allows the telecommunication service provider to play any selected video on all the devices, turning smartphones and tablets into perfect advertisement screens, which are otherwise lying idle as display devices across multiple stores.
  • The company is able to remotely update the video content to bulk number of devices as per seasonal requirements or promotional campaigns.
  • Most importantly, using SureMDM, it is able to update security policy settings on its devices from a single console, saving time and effort on managing devices located across a wide region.

Digital Signage is slowly becoming the preferred mode for showing promotional content across industry verticals. The biggest telecommunication service provider in the Middle East takes advantage of this medium to effectively capture customer attention and turn idle devices into perfect advertising platforms. 42Gears products are helping the company to enhance their marketing by transforming their existing mobile hardware inventory into promotional displays to effectively capture customers’ attention.