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Purchase SureFox for Android

Monthly Subscription

SureFox Basic Android Cloud Subscription
Per device/Per month
Includes Basic Features
SureFox Pro Android Cloud Subscription
Per device/Per month
Includes Basic and Pro Features

Want to learn about the differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro? Click here.


  1. SureFox Android (Basic and Pro) Subscription is now available under SureMDM Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans at no extra cost. Sign into your SureMDM Account and go to "Manage Subscription" to view your SureFox Activation Code.
  2. If you experience any problems during the ordering process, please contact for alternate payment options.

Customer Review

"Easy to configure web site control. We use SureFox to control and lock down Android tablets. We have evaluated 3 companies producing this kind of software. So far SureFox is easy to configure and works as advertised. It is a bit expensive in quantities of one but since we will be deploying many more than that, the price breaks are good. We have had good response from support and worked through a few issues. They're good to work with."