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Customer Testimonials

"We are going to move all our Windows mobile devices over to your software[SureLock]. Good, secure, easy to use interface. Thanks for the great software."

-Lucas Bauer
IT Operations Technician
Moonlight Basin

"Our experience with SureLock and 42Gears has been excellent.

SureLock is a natural fit for our EA Tablet electronic pollbook - simple, cost-effective, customizable, and scaleable to any client size.

42Gears doesn't stop with great software though - their support and response time on even more complex inquiries has exceeded my expectations. Both the product and the company that supports it are highly recommended."

-Bryan Uelk
Project Manager, EA

"Wow, Great products with Great Support !!!

SureLock and SureFox are really great apps, many options, easy to configure. I found 1 bug after the install it, I contacted their support team to report the bug I had found and I also ask for an extra option, 2 business days later, I receive an update to fix my bug and my extra option was already added to this new version. WOW, what a great team!!"

Review via Google Play 

"We were searching for software that could prevent the end user from changing settings on the Android tablets they were using.

We tried a lot of solutions before choosing SureLock.

We did choose them over the other for the ease of configuration and management. Their solutions are strong and easy to deploy.

They are always available to help and doing business with them is easy and pleasant."

-Pascal Gagnon
Project Manager, InfoPanama

"Easy to configure web site control

We use SureFox to control and lock down Android tablets. We have evaluated 3 companies producing this kind of software. So far SureFox is easy to configure and works as advertised. It is a bit expensive in quantities of one but since we will be deploying many more than that, the price breaks are good. We have had good response from support and worked through a few issues. They're good to work with."

Review via Google Play 

"best kiosk app and good support

I have been searching around a while for a good kiosk app and tried some different. SureLocka and SureFox where the best and the most elaborated. The support team did great work by implementing a new feature to fit my needs. So it now is not possible to get into the login screen after a configurable period of time afer app start or after booting the device. The app is reliable and easy to configure, has all the features i need at the moment and until now i noticed no problems."

Review via Google Play 

"SureLock provided us with a great solution to manage the devices used in Namola. We are now confident that the devices are secure."

-Craig Rivett

Partner,Ever Africa

"42Gears products have become an essential part of our solution.

The combination of SureFox and SureMDM has provided CloudTags with a platform that allows us to fully control customer's tablet experience and troubleshoot any tablet issues remotely across dozens of stores on multiple continents.

42Gears have been extremely timely and responsive with all our support requests."

-Vu Pham
Head of Innovation, CloudTags

"Great Application! Out of all the launchers we tried, SureLock was the easiest to setup and administer.

Especially, the use of Cloud IDs to
change phone configurations remotely.

We needed a strong device lockdown solution to supplement our MDM and SureLock just did that."

-Derrick Wash
Systems Administrator, ABC Supply Co., Inc.

"Best Kiosk Lockdown App Available

We had to set up 8 Samsung Galaxy Tablets running Honeycomb, and we searched high and low for a quality lock down app that didn't just perform well, but looked nice too. This app was perfect. SureLock also removes the annoying bottom bar which is a huge plus.

We highly recommend this, and will continue to purchase licenses as new mobile devices are added to our business. We also purchased SureMDM which works beautifully with SureLock, providing a complete lock down of your mobile device and the ability to remotely transfer files and install apps, as well as remotely change the SureLock settings across multiple devices. Excellent!

Oh, and the customer service and support blew me away. I received a response to every email within 30 minutes."

Review via Google Play 

"My company needed a solution that would allow us to lock down our Motorola tablets into a Kiosk mode and allow access only to certain applications. This app goes above and beyond what we had expected. The ability to have the devices automatically look for a new configuration file from an HTTP site is fantastic. Also being able to brand the home screen and include my company's own logos for application icons is great. So impressed with this product! Thanks guys! **UPDATE** -- Just notified by 42Gears that they have implemented the ability to point backgrounds to http sites! Absolutely a 5 star app and a 5 star team."

Review via Google Play 

"Exactly what we were looking for

We wanted to set up a Galaxy 7.0 tablet for one of our remote locations to view an IP camera. We found a camera viewing software but we wanted to lock the tablet down so this was the only program they could use. We came across this app and it does exactly that. You can lock it down to just certain apps or you can run it in one app mode which means you cannot use anything else except that app (there is a backdoor for admins). We did run into some issues though... on the Galaxy tablets, the manufacturer added a "bottom bar" with preset links that you CANNOT change or move. This is very annoying. However, SureLock is on top of this - they added a feature to remove this bottom bar. The feature did not work at first on the 7.0 but I worked with their support via email in a couple weeks time they had a new version with this fixed. Their support is excellent and I am extremely satisfied. That is why I took the time to get on here and write a review and give them the much deserved 5 star rating."

Review via Google Play