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Secure Mobile Microsoft 365 Applications with 42Gears UEM

Bengaluru, India, March 12, 2019 - 42Gears Mobility Systemsa Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant UEM solution provider now offers management of Microsoft 365 applications on mobile devices. This support allows customers to access integrated suite of Microsoft Apps and Services through 42Gears UEM. Using this feature, Microsoft 365 applications can be secured and accessed seamlessly on employee mobile devices.

42Gears UEM simplifies the configuration of Microsoft 365 email and deployment of Microsoft 365 applications on both employee-owned as well as corporate-owned mobile devices. With this integration, IT admins can define and enforce security policies across all emails and mobile apps.

42Gears UEM’s support for Microsoft 365 works for both on-premise and cloud users. It allows email configuration on user’s devices, management of permissions and enforcement of updates from the admin portal. 42Gears UEM can restrict Microsoft 365 email access to only managed and compliant devices. By leveraging the support provided by Microsoft for Single-Sign-On, users can log in to Microsoft 365 applications suite and other business apps using the same credentials used for enrolling devices to the 42Gears UEM console.

Deployment of  Microsoft 365 applications through 42Gears UEM enforces containerization of the apps using native platform controls provided by operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows. The containerization policy denies users from sharing Microsoft 365 data to personal apps. It also, gives data privacy and security for the user as well as the business. With this integration, IT admin will be able to use 42Gears UEM’s ‘Wipe’ capability to selectively wipe Microsoft 365 data from devices if the devices are lost or stolen.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO, 42Gears Mobility Systems said,  “Microsoft 365 offers effective productivity tools to businesses and enables collaboration within a team. UEM solutions ensure 360-degree data and device security. It’s imperative for organizations to choose a UEM solution that integrates well with the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and allows seamless and secure mobile workspace deployment.