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Breakthrough in Restricting iPhone and iPad Data Usage by 42Gears

BENGALURU, India, July 12, 2017 - As more companies adopt the convenience of working with a mobile-equipped workforce, the demand for measures to keep a check on cellular data consumption also continues to grow. 42Gears Mobility Systems, a leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution provider is now offering a cellular data limit functionality on its SureMDM platform that allows companies to turn off mobile data access on the enrolled iOS devices (7 and above), once their billing threshold is breached.

SureMDM allows IT Admins to set up different levels of iOS data usage limits, and also define actions that will be launched automatically once these limits are crossed. The MDM settings can be configured to send out an email alert or notification to the user and Admin when the threshold is about to be reached and then turn-off the mobile data completely when the limit is crossed. This will deter employees from wasting data on unrelated browsing, avoiding huge mobile data bills for the company. The iPhone or iPad device can still be managed by SureMDM even if data is restricted due to threshold override.

Prakash Gupta, CTO, 42Gears says “High cellular data bills are one of the biggest costs for companies employing a mobile workforce. While Android offers an out of box feature to block data access on devices, it is not available for iOS. With SureMDM, companies can ensure that end-users are unable to use data over the pre-defined limit by restricting cellular data access. This is a revolutionary offering, as no other tool allows data to be restricted completely on iPhones or iPads. This one feature will be able to help companies reduce cellular data costs incurred by their employees using company-owned iOS devices.”

SureMDM is also a valuable tool for individual iPhone or iPad users who wish to keep a control over their mobile data usage. Apple Wi-Fi Assist introduced with iOS 9 allows the device to switch to cellular data when there is low Wi-Fi signal strength. With SureMDM, users can prevent their devices from raking up huge data bills unintentionally while making use of the Wi-Fi assist feature or while using cellular data on roaming.