How to Monitor and Limit Data Usage on iPhones and iPads

Limiting the data usage on business-use iPhones and iPads has been a long-standing pain point for companies. The cost of exceeding data plans and the lack of visibility into managed iOS devices’ cellular usage has made it challenging to maintain company cellular data control policies. 42Gears has taken a big step in the management of iOS devices with the introduction of cellular data restrict functionality, offered through Telecom Management Policy of SureMDM.

Companies nowadays rely heavily on mobile devices for uninterrupted business workflow and with that, it becomes necessary to have a flexible mobile data plan. For Android device, data control feature is available out of the box, but not for iOS, which makes iPhones and iPads vulnerable to mobile data misuse. In most cases, companies end up paying for data used for unrelated browsing due to no control on data usage. Many devices do offer inbuilt data utilization tool. But when even that does not stop your company data bills from racking up, it’s time to onboard a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as SureMDM.

The cellular data restrict functionality offered by SureMDM will allow companies to set-up a strict limit for monthly data usage. Once this limit is reached, network connectivity on the device is automatically turned-off. This proves to be a useful feature for companies that usually purchase the business data plan in bulk for their mobile workforce.

Limit data usage on iPhones and iPads to avoid inflated data usage bills

For example, most common package offered by a typical service provider usually includes companies paying $5 for the minimal 200 MB per month cell data plan. The penalties for exceeding this monthly limit could be up to $15 for each subsequent 200 MB, leading to a severe hike in the total monthly bill. While end users are aware of this, it still ends up burning a hole in the company’s pocket.

Most solutions only allow admins to set alert notifications if the cellular data usage crosses the set limit. But with SureMDM, IT admins can now turn off mobile data on iOS devices once the threshold limit is reached.

Limit data usage on iPhones and iPads using an MDM Solution

SureMDM allows configuring of two different thresholds Limit 1 and Limit 2 which can trigger specified actions.

Since Apple doesn’t offer this as a built-in function, this feature in SureMDM can be of interest to individuals looking to control their monthly data bills by limiting iPhone data usage. Individuals using Apple Wi-Fi assist to allow their devices to switch to mobile data automatically in case of low Wi-Fi signal strength can utilize the new feature by SureMDM to save on unintentional data bills. By enrolling their iOS device under SureMDM, they can prevent their devices from crossing a set data limit while using Wi-Fi assist feature or while on roaming.

Here are the simple steps to enroll your iOS device on SureMDM and restrict cellular data usage –

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