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42Gears Announces Support for OEMConfig

Bengaluru, India, May 30, 2019 – 42Gears, a leading UEM solution provider, recently announced support for OEMConfig. OEMConfig, driven by AppConfig community, has introduced significant changes in how Android devices can be managed and 42Gears intends to leverage this to provide advanced endpoint management functionality to its customers.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder & COO of 42Gears, says, “Earlier, OEMs had trouble offering advanced features because of the lack of standard methods for implementing APIs. The Android management ecosystem was complicated, to say the least. OEMConfig enables customers to easily configure device and system settings all from the friendly user interface of the preferred UEM solution.

Adoption of OEMConfig requires the OEMs to build and publish their own OEMConfig app to Google Play Store. This app implements all the device specific APIs that OEM wants to expose. The clearly defined framework enables OEMs to quickly release APIs that can help UEM solution providers offer features that their customers have been long looking for. A solution such as this stands to benefit OEMs, UEM vendors as well as businesses leveraging EMM solutions for device management and security.

Prakash also added, “OEMConfig ensures zero-day support for new device features by all UEM solution providers. This also means that enterprises now have the flexibility to easily switch to 42Gears UEM, should they wish to. OEMConfig is an incredible solution, one that 42Gears fully supports.”

Read more about OEMConfig here.