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42Gears Announces AstroFarm Support for iOS and iPadOS

Fremont, California, August 24, 2021 - 42Gears today announced that its private device farm solution, AstroFarm, now supports iOS and iPadOS devices in addition to Android. This represents a huge step forward for companies that already own the Apple devices they need for testing, and who need ways to provide device access across great distances for app testing. This augments AstroFarm’s device functionality, which already facilitated Android-based DevOps processes.   

“As an alternative to public device farms, AstroFarm helps firms get better ROI on devices they already own,” said Prakash Gupta, co-founder and COO of 42Gears. “Now that the solution supports iOS and iPadOS, more companies than ever before can complete essential mobile application development processes remotely.”

Companies using AstroFarm can now perform the following functions with enrolled iOS and iPadOS devices: 

  • Connect and Share from Anywhere: Any employee, in any location, can connect an iOS or iPadOS device to the private device farm. Once the user makes the device available online, anyone in the network can claim it to use. 
  • Remote Control and Remote View: Anyone claiming a remote device can remotely view and control the iPhone or iPad screen. This enables remote DevOps testing using these devices. Once users are done, they can make devices available for others to use immediately.

AstroFarm’s product roadmap includes additional features for iOS and iPadOS devices, which are currently in development. 

“We have received a high number of requests for AstroFarm functionality on iPhones and iPads, and we’re thrilled to satisfy those requests,” said Gupta. “We look forward to adding more features in the near future that make our private device farm solution an even better option for mobile application development teams worldwide.”

For more information about AstroFarm and the utility of a private device farm, please click here.