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Secure Lockdown Browser for Enhanced Security

sep 29, 2022 | 42Gears Team

It’s a known fact that the internet is a double-edged sword. When people spend more time browsing the internet, they gain knowledge, but they also get exposed to security risks at the same time. With cyber crime becoming more sophisticated, attackers look for opportunities to exploit security flaws, steal sensitive information, delete files, and hack computers. The lack of a secure lockdown browser solution can result in a variety of cyber security issues, including malware being installed on the system without your knowledge and attackers taking over your computer.

The majority of potential cyber-attacks are designed to beat the scrutiny of an unsuspecting human being. Cyber attackers use smart ways, such as building a website or links that look authentic and tricking people to fall into the trap. In some cases, hackers modify website addresses and divert users to alternate malicious sites. There are also a few websites that encourage users to download additional software and packages in the name of add-ons, which ultimately hinders the security of a browser.

As such, it’s imperative that businesses use a secure browser and constantly upgrade the browser to the most recent version whenever a new update is sent to the device. This is because significant flaws in earlier versions are rectified with each upgrade.

But, if you only use a secure browser without a secure lockdown browser, are you really safe?

Businesses must understand that even the most secure browsers aren't always sufficient to prevent cyber-attacks. This is because employees can often be ignorant and careless, and visit links that lead to phishing attacks, which can potentially compromise corporate data. And that’s precisely why there is a dire need for a secure lockdown browser.

This is where 42Gears Secure Kiosk Browser Lockdown solution, SureFox, can help by creating a secure browsing environment. The secure lockdown browser allows IT admins to restrict user access to particular websites that they trust. This allows IT admins to use advanced online browsing capabilities while maintaining a high level of browsing security. Using SureFox, IT admins can categorize websites into “blocklist” and “allowlist” websites and ensure that users only have access to websites that are deemed to be safe.


With the number of data theft incidents rising gradually, a safe browser is essential for every firm. Along with a safe browser, if companies implement Kiosk Browser Lockdown solution, they can ensure complete security and confidentiality. In addition, by deploying a UEM solution such as 42Gears SureMDM, organizations can secure, monitor, and manage all their business endpoints  from  a single console.

For more information about 42Gears SureMDM, please click on the link below

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