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Case Study - Technology

Innovative Trials and 42Gears Partner to Rapidly Deploy Tablets for Clinical Trials

Business Overview

Innovative Trials is a UK-based organization that helps researchers worldwide plan and carry out clinical trials. 

Innovative Trials helps clients identify and recruit prospective trial participants that match their needs. The organization also focuses on promoting patient welfare during trials, in order to minimize the patient drop-out rate. 

Innovative Trials received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2020, an award requiring the approval of the Queen of England herself. 

Background and Challenges

An American client planned to conduct a trial with children. In order to keep trial participants compliant, the client requested the children have Android tablets on which to play games. This posed some challenges that Innovative Trials had to quickly resolve.

Industry : Healthcare

Location : Based in Letchworth, UK (with a global reach)

OS : Android

Challenges : Innovative Trials needed to secure Android tablets so children could safely use them during a clinical trial. 

Solution : Innovative Trials used SureMDM to remotely manage tablets, SureLock to keep tablets restricted to only pre-approved apps, and SureFox to make safe browsing possible.

  1. The tablets needed to restrict children to pre-approved entertainment apps and websites. Otherwise, trial participants could access unsafe or mature content. 
  2. Innovative Trials needed to set up many tablets across 70 locations in just six weeks. Once set up was finished, Innovative Trials needed a way to track devices to ensure devices did not go missing. 
  3. The infrastructure that Innovative Trials used would need to carry over to future projects. That way, if any future clients requested tablets in their trials, the infrastructure would already be in place. 

The Solution

SureMDM, SureLock, and SureFox by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools that Innovative Trials needed to succeed. With the help of 42Gears, Innovative Trials implemented three 42Gears products - SureMDM (a mobile device management solution), SureLock (a device lockdown solution), and SureFox (a secure browser solution). 

Together, these three products helped Innovative Trials overcome the challenges it faced. 

  1. SureLock allowed Innovative Trials to lock tablets down to only pre-approved apps. With the help of SureLock, Innovative Trials also added custom branding in the tablet interface, creating a more personalized experience. SureFox allowed users to browse child-friendly Internet websites, while blocking potentially dangerous content. 
  2. 42Gears products emphasized ease-of-use, allowing Innovative Trials to quickly set up a fleet of tablets. Once the trial began, SureMDM’s location tracking features helped Innovative Trials monitor tablet inventory. 
  3. The SureMDM central console enabled Innovative Trials to remotely monitor, secure, and troubleshoot the Android tablets. The framework was easy-to-use and could easily be replicated for any future studies requiring tablets.


  1. The tablets functioned exactly as the client requested, keeping children well-behaved during the trial. 
  2. Innovative Trials fully completed the set-up process over the course of six weeks, within the time limit required by the client. 
  3. Innovative Trials has received additional requests for locked-down devices for trials, and with the framework 42Gears provides, building new device networks is easy.


“With the complete suite of 42Gears products that includes SureLock, SureFox and SureMDM we were able to fulfil all the requirements of our clients. The quick response from the support team helped us in getting all our issues resolved.”

Dave Watkins,

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Innovative Trials