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How to create a composite job in SureMDM?

nov 19, 2012 | 42Gears Team

Perform multiple tasks on your managed device(s) on click of a button. SureMDM now allows you to deploy a combination of different job types by a special job called Composite Job. The composite job type can include any type of job such as installation, send messages, update security policies. So if you have to apply multiple jobs to your devices, composite jobs help you by saving time and effort considerably. A composite job is basically a collection of existing jobs and is executed in the order you have specified. It also allows you to modify your composite jobs without making many changes.

Follow the steps below to know how to create a Composite Job:

1.  Log in to your SureMDM Console.

2.  Click Jobs > New Job.

3.  On Select Operating System screen, select Android.

4.  On Select Job Type page, select Composite Job.

5.  On Configure Job screen, enter the Job Name and click Add.

6.  On Select Job(s) To Add prompt, select the desired job(s) and click Ok.

The selected jobs will get listed in Configure Job section.

     Note: Use the controls, Move Up and Move Down to arrange the sequence of jobs.

7.  Click Ok.

     The newly created job will get listed in the Jobs List section.

8.  Go back to Home tab and select the Android device(s) or a group.

9.  Click Apply to launch the Apply Job To Device prompt.

10.  On Apply Job To Device prompt, select the job and click Apply.

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