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How to create a composite job in SureMDM?

Perform multiple tasks on your managed device(s) on click of a button. SureMDM now allows you to deploy a combination of different job types by a special job called Composite Job. The composite job type can include any type of job such as installation, send messages, update security policies. So if you have to apply…

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SureMDM now supports Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0 devices

Today we introduce management support in SureMDM for Windows CE based devices (both 5.0 and 6.0). There are thousands of devices that can benefit from this development. If you have a combination of Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices, you may well look at SureMDM for your device management needs. You can register for a…

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How to display Settings screens or Control Panel Applets in Windows Mobile?

Windows Mobile Control Panel applets are normal dlls renamed with special extension .cpl. They are actually loaded by ctlpnl.exe process. Following code snipped is what you need if you want to show a Control Panel applet from your program. This way you make it easy for your user to change desired settings, without any “complex”…

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Windows CE and Windows Mobile for starters

Many a times I find myself in discussions on the history of Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. Besides, if you have just started to work with Windows Mobile or Windows CE, its good to be aware of origins and basics of these operating systems. Following is an attempt to sort those questions out.…

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