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How Mobile Technology Is Helping Field Workforce Counter Business Challenges

okt 21, 2015 | 42Gears Team

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A service technician who is out in the field require numerous tools to perform their daily tasks such as GPS device to locate customer homes, electronic calendars to access customer contacts, manage appointments and more.  There are times when they have to perform multiple activities at once which means juggling from one task to another.

Unequipped with specific solutions, Mobile Field Workforce faces many challenges like –

  1. Service delays and errors

Whenever a customer asks for a service, they expect the issue to be resolved quickly. A delayed response irrespective of the cause of delay has a negative effect on customers. It is critical for service organizations to avoid delays and errors to retain their customers.

  1. Absence of real-time information

Mobile workforce in the field attending assigned tasks have to be supported with well-structured communication process. Constant flow of updates about scheduled tasks and real-time access to data is important for all field service agents to work efficiently. Any difficulty in getting updates and real-time information become a hindrance in providing timely services to the customer.

  1. Difficulty in monitoring and tracking the activities of field agents

It is important for organizations to make sure that field agents are always present at their respective workplaces. Since field service agents are always on the move, it is difficult to track and monitor their activities. If there are no means to monitoring and tracking agents’ activities, it becomes difficult for management to enhance agents’ efficiency.

  1. Inefficient reporting process

Many field service agents still use the traditional approach of using paper for reporting their work. This approach delays the entire process of report analysis and records maintenance and such disorganized process brings down the efficiency of the organization.

Organizations who employ field service agents are beginning to realize the benefits of adopting mobility solutions, so they are arming their agents with handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With these devices, agents have become more responsive, productive and efficient as they are now able to do the following things without restrictions:

  • Provide prompt and improved service to their clients
  • Keep in touch with their head office, get real-time information of new service jobs
  • Seamless Inventory Management
  • Simplified real-time reporting and data collection process

Here are some of the significant changes that adoption of mobile devices for field service has brought to service organizations:

  • Quick support for higher customer satisfaction

Mobile devices have enhanced the ability of field agents to respond to their tasks quickly and resolve all issues promptly thereby improving customer experience.

  • Connected workforce for enhanced productivity

With mobile devices, there is seamless connectivity between field agents and office employees. This seamless connectivity ensures reduced information leakage, access to real-time updates on inventory and tasks and better responsiveness to the jobs assigned. 

  • Efficient workflow for higher profitability

Field agents armed with mobile devices can cut costs incurred on service by reducing travelling to the same location more than once. It normally happens in the absence of real-time updates. Using mobile devices, a job is reported on time, which results in well-timed and precise invoicing, thereby improving returns for the company.

  • Well-equipped field agents brings a positive image to an organization

Field agents using mobile devices, not only enhance productivity and efficiency among employees, but also deliver an image of reliability and trust to customers.

The benefits of adoption of mobile devices for field agents can be optimized with mobile device management solutions like SureMDM and mobile lockdown applications like SureLock and SureFox. Combination of these applications and solutions with field devices can create secured, effective and efficient ecosystem for your business to grow.


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