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How An MDM Solution Can Protect Endpoints from Spyware and Adware

sep 16, 2021 | 42Gears Team

Today, mobile security has become the topmost priority for organizations of all sizes. With businesses allowing employees to access company data from anywhere through mobile devices, it is imperative that they protect that data. Unfortunately, with malware vectors becoming more sophisticated by the day, chances of vulnerabilities going undetected are higher than ever. For instance, spyware and adware are nefarious malware that can go undetected and still spy on your device and compromise your passwords. Thankfully, an MDM solution can provide a protective barrier against spyware and adware.

What is Spyware?

Stop Spyware and Adware with an MDM Solution

Spyware is one of the most dangerous types of malware that hackers plant in various websites and attachments. Alternatively, hackers may also share spyware links through email, ads on webpages, or pop-up windows. This category of malware can pry and collect personal information about the user without his/her consent and share it with third-party websites. For instance, users visiting certain websites and clicking on suspicious links or attachments can allow threat actors to distribute spyware on those users’ devices. As a result, hackers or third-party sites can collect private information the next time a user shops online using his/her credit card or visits an online banking application.

Similarly, the keylogger, an insidious category of spyware, is widely known for recording activities within applications. By providing a recording of all your keyboard strokes, keyloggers can easily give hackers access to your passwords and credit card numbers. As a result, hackers can easily access and steal money, sensitive documents, and more. Additionally, the tracking capabilities of spyware do not end with passwords; spyware can very easily track your activity, location, and usernames.

6 Ways to Prevent Spyware Attacks

What is Adware?

What is Adware?

Adware, is a type of spyware and is distributed as pop-up ads. When a user clicks on adware, the adware automatically downloads onto the user’s device. Unlike other kinds of malware, adware is targeted to individual users instead of businesses. Adware is designed to infect mobile phones, thereby impacting overall phone performance and draining the battery. Moreover, adware can help developers generate revenue by automatically displaying ads on a user’s browser. Adwares may allow hackers to distribute many more malicious programs. Also, they are immensely annoying. For example, in case users visit untrustworthy sites, they may see display ads that are related to weight-loss programs, schemes to earn easy money, adult content and many more.

6 Ways to Prevent Spyware Attacks

How MDM Solution Can Protect Endpoints from Spyware and Adware

An MDM is a reliable form of protection against spyware and adware at many levels.

Single console

By providing a centralized view of all endpoints from a single dashboard, an MDM solution helps IT teams control their entire device inventory easily. This, in turn, can help IT admins easily identify suspicious behaviour on devices and investigate immediately.

Apply restriction policies

An MDM solution allows IT teams to configure policies that regulate users browsing activities and prevent them from visiting sites that contain spyware and adware.

Managing applications

By creating a pre-approved list of applications that users can download, IT teams can prevent users from downloading malicious software.

Support on OS upgrades

Most reputed MDM vendors provide zero-day support for OS updates. Keeping devices up-to-date is a simple step that can easily fend off threats.

Locate lost devices 

Misplacing a business device may allow threat actors to access sensitive data.If IT admins have implemented an MDM solution, they can track every device’s location on a single map. This can help businesses locate and retrieve lost devices before thieves claim them. 

Mobile email management 

By encrypting sensitive emails and allowing users to securely access corporate emails, an MDM solution safeguards corporate emails from hackers.


By mandating users to add a strong password, MDM solutions can help to prevent spyware attacks. Additionally, implementing two-factor authentication via MDM adds another layer of security to the login process.

Remote access

The remote access feature found in many MDM solutions can help IT admins take remote control of a device and scan for threats and vulnerabilities. In case admins remotely identify a threat, an MDM solution can help to remediate the threat immediately.  

Secure browsing solution

A secure browsing solution can help prevent adware by blocking pop-up ads. It can allow users to browse the internet safely by only providing access to essential web apps.

Mobile threat defense (MTD)

An MTD solution can secure mobile endpoints from all kinds of threats, including spyware and adware.


Unmanaged devices can be gateways to various kinds of vulnerabilities, especially in the current situation where most businesses have adopted hybrid work. Implementing a robust MDM solution can give IT admins peace of mind during uncertain times. IT admins who use an MDM solution can achieve greater levels of security by protecting endpoints from threats at various levels and ensuring user compliance with security policies.

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