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SureLock and SureFox help Aerial Solutions go mobile with tablets for its crew

Okt 05, 2015 | 42Gears Team


Aerial Solutions, Inc., a North Carolina based, family-owned business pioneered the use of helicopters for side trimming of rights-of-way in 1985. Since 1985, Aerial Solutions have aerially side trimmed thousands of miles of rights-of-way for more than 20 utility, pipeline companies, and governmental agencies throughout United States. The saw provides maximum lateral clearances from vegetation encroaching into a right-of-way, saving customer’s time and money while improving service reliability.

The crew at Aerial Solutions Inc. was sending maintenance reports and bills to the head office for processing on a weekly basis. The whole procedure of sending paper-based reports and bills was time consuming which reduced their efficiency. Also, Aerial Solutions, Inc. was not able to deliver regular weather updates to its pilots working on the field. As a result, Aerial Solutions, Inc. decided to provide Android tablets to its crew and make the entire process online.

After going through a comprehensive search process for different types of kiosk apps and undertaking testing and verification, Aerial Solutions Inc. chose SureFox and SureLock as these products met all its requirements. SureLock and SureFox had all the features it needed to lockdown, restart and control the Android tablets they use. The two solutions allowed Aerial Solutions, Inc. to remotely update the configuration files with cloud support and keep its crew working with the same apps and prevent any unwanted apps or websites from being accessed.

SureLock and SureFox enabled Aerial Solutions, Inc. to have full control over applications installed on tablets to check malware invasion and prevent employees from using them for personal use. The crew now are able to submit the paperwork on a daily basis reducing shipping costs and become more efficient.

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