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Disable Home Button on Windows 8 Tablets – SureLock

Apr 27, 2013 | 42Gears Team

Do you want to disable Home button on Windows 8 tablet? You will learn the effective way to do it by end of this post.

Windows 8 tablets apt for mobile workforce?

Windows 8 is fast, touch enabled, faster to boot and has huge security improvements than previous Windows Operating Systems. Windows 8 tablets with the functioning compatibility of MS Office tools are as powerful as laptops which makes them very appropriate for mobile enterprise workforce.

With all the great features, deployment of Windows 8 tablet as a field tool seems pretty obvious however, with such a dynamic desktop and applications loaded Start Screen, the proper usage of device and its handling becomes much of a concern. Especially with introduction of Home Button or Windows Button in Windows 8 tablets, it is easy to access  Start Screen even with a device lockdown application installed.

Disable Home Button using SureLock

SureLock has been and continues to be an ultimate lockdown solution for our Android and iOS customers and now it is extended to Windows 8 Tablets as well. SureLock’s features like allowing only whitelisted applications to run on the device, its password protected lockdown settings, option to launch of Apps in kiosk mode, disabled device notifications and arrays of customization options makes it very appropriate for Windows 8 Tablets.


With customized lockdown of device’s features, you can be rest assured that your mobile workforce have access only to allowed applications required for their daily business activities. SureLock also ensures that there are no options or loops for any kind of workaround to escape the lockdown. This may also include usage of Home Button to access the Start Screen. Disabling this central lone external button on Windows 8 tablets which give direct access to Start Screen is very crucial for an effective lockdown. SureLock effectively disables the functioning of Home Button blocking all access to Start Screen and supports automatic start on device reboot hence the settings are maintained even post the device goes through a cold or warm reboot.

We have more to share so keep a watch on this space. For additional details about SureLock for Windows 8, visit https://www.42gears.com/surelock/surelockwindows8.html for more details.

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