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42Gears unveils Industry’s First ChatGPT Plugin for Mobile Device Management

Mai 17, 2023 | 42Gears Team

We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovation from 42Gears—the SureMDM ChatGPT plugin. This simple yet sophisticated plugin allows you to secure, monitor, and manage your fleet of mobile devices directly from within ChatGPT using everyday conversations. 

As businesses embrace digital transformation and mobile technologies, managing and securing mobile devices has become increasingly intricate. We, at 42Gears, understand the challenges faced by IT administrators in this ever-evolving environment and provide effective solutions to address them. SureMDM, our flagship mobile device management (MDM) solution, has long been trusted by organizations worldwide for its robust features and ease of use. And now, we are taking its simplicity up a notch with ChatGPT integration. 

Let's delve into how this integration empowers system administrators: 

Enjoy a jargon-free, conversational interface 

Bid adieu to complex commands and jargon. With the SureMDM-ChatGPT Plugin, you can use everyday, natural language to deploy auto-configured devices, update security policies, perform troubleshooting, ask questions related to device health, and more. ChatGPT, with its powerful Natural Language Processing abilities, processes your queries, interprets the context, and returns relevant answers/suggestions. 

Monitor your devices with ease

Interact with the SureMDM ChatGPT Plugin to check device status, monitor battery levels, review network connectivity, and track location information–all without leaving your ChatGPT interface. 

Apply policies and configurations in a jiffy 

While IT admins can automate parts of applying company-defined policies and configurations to company-owned and BYOD devices, they still do considerable manual work. With the SureMDM ChatGPT plugin, applying policies, configuring device settings, enforcing restrictions, deploying applications, and updating firmware can be done easily and quickly. 

Secure devices through simple conversations 

Ensure the safety and integrity of your corporate devices and data with intuitive security management right from ChatGPT. Just chat with SureMDM ChatGPT and issue commands to lock devices, enforce password policies, wipe data, and more. Effortlessly protect your devices from unauthorized access and potential security threats.

Get valuable device insights at your fingertips 

Make informed IT decisions and maximize the potential of your devices using the actionable insights from the SureMDM ChatGPT Plugin. Engage in conversational analysis to receive reports, analytics, and recommendations on device usage, application performance, compliance adherence, and more. 

Extend the functionality 

Tailor the SureMDM ChatGPT plugin to meet your organization's specific needs. ChatGPT’s flexible architecture lets you integrate with existing workflows, automate rudimentary tasks, and enhance functionality. Leverage multiple plugins to further automate routine tasks, such as creating a support ticket for devices that require intervention.

Interested in trying out this amazing technology?

The ChatGPT Plugin is available for select SureMDM Enterprise customers.

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