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Case Study - Technology

Leading Safety Monitoring Solution Provider Reinforces Driver Safety with 42Gears UEM

Leading Safety Monitoring Solution Provider Improves Operational Efficiency by 50% with 42Gears

Fatigue is a big life risk factor for drivers. Long hours of driving and lack of sleep are the top causes of exhaustion and fatigue. Drowsiness while driving can result in road accidents and deaths. Empowering the drivers with real-time fatigue monitoring tool can help monitor fatigue, improve driver safety and prevent road accidents. Australia based Safety Monitoring Wearables provider is one such manufacturer of fatigue monitoring or predictive technology.

How Safety Monitoring Solution Provider is helping drivers to manage fatigue with Predictive Technology

Australia based Safety Monitoring Wearables provider is a market leader in driver fatigue monitoring technology. The company helps businesses prevent accidents in the field, often caused by fatigue and microsleep (a brief sleep episode during which there is a temporary loss of consciousness and external stimuli). It’s product suite consists of three components: The proprietary Wearable Band, the proprietary Display and the proprietary App. The App, is a cloud-based fatigue monitoring app that works with electroencephalogram or EEG-based wearable band and transmits real-time alerts to drivers and supervisors on driver’s fatigue levels via Bluetooth. The App is installed on slim PC panels running on Android, which are mounted in vehicles to give the drivers actionable visuals and audible alerts. The solution helps to enhance driver safety on road, reduces accident risk and improves driver retention through health and wellness programs.

The company has been procuring the slim PC panels from a third-party manufacturer and configures their app on those devices individually. However, deploying large number of devices manually was a challenge as it consumed a lot of time.

Industry :  Technology

Location : Australia

Product : UEM

Operating System : Android

Devices : Slim PC panels

Licenses : 1300


While managing a large mobile workforce in the field, the Safety Monitoring Solution expert was facing the following challenges:

  • As the PC panels were unmonitored devices, many drivers were able to switch off the Bluetooth and misuse the devices. This interfered with the proper functioning of the App.
  • Mass deployment of mobile devices with the solution app and remotely updating them were difficult.
  • Tracking the devices and managing the inventory were cumbersome tasks.
  • It was also observed that the field workers would often try to change their device SIM cards without the knowledge of supervisors.
  • Being open devices, they were prone to mobile data misuse as the field workers would often download and access unauthorized applications.

The company reached out to 42Gears for a robust asset tracking, device management and lockdown solution which would enable them to track the devices in real time, prevent device misuse and ensure continuous app connectivity to their bands.


Keeping their requirement in mind, 42Gears offered lockdown and management solution to them. In turn, this was provided to the third-party slim PC panels manufacturer to be preloaded on the devices before being dispatched to the Safety Monitoring expert. This made it easier for the company to deploy their app in the devices using 42Gears UEM.

To achieve greater control over their field devices,it uses SureLock from 42Gears UEM to lockdown the PC panels and provide drivers access to only their proprietary application. Drivers are restricted from tampering with the devices and settings. This, in turn, helps to reduce technical support incidents while also providing a better user experience.

Benefits of the solution offered by 42Gears:

  • It reduces the time to deploy a large number of devices with the help of UEM. SureMDM from UEM helps to push the wearable app over-the-air to multiple devices at once and also remotely upgrade it whenever needed.
  • Through SureMDM, admins are able to keep the GPS functionality ‘always-on’ to track all the devices online and manage inventory.  
  • The SIM card change notification was enabled in SureMDM which triggers alert messages to the admin in the console whenever SIM cards are removed from devices.
  • SureMDM’s Telecom Management feature also helps the company to track and control data usage by the devices.

With all these setup in place, the Safety Monitoring Expert is not only able to manage their field devices but also generate custom reports on data usage and asset management for prompt analysis.


1. The company boosted the overall operational efficiency by 50%.

2. Reduced technical error incidents helped the company save 40% on support costs.

3. Centralized management and real time alerts reduced the accident incidents by 30%.