Case Study - Healthcare

Leading Healthcare Provider relies on 42Gears EMM for securing data and devices

Business Background

42Gears recently worked with one of the biggest healthcare providers in the world to implement EMM for patient care solutions. The company offers solutions for diagnostic, treatment and preventive care. It also has an extensive product portfolio which includes CT scanners, MRI scanners, radiography equipment, ultrasound equipment, X-ray equipment, mammography equipment, ECG equipment, resuscitation equipment, molecular imaging devices, monitoring equipment, and more.

Business Overview

As part of the ongoing project, patients enrolling in hospitals where their solutions are deployed are given tablets that are attached to their hospital beds and are used to keep track of patients’ daily records. The company devices are used to capture vital stats, helping the hospital staff stay updated on key patient data like x-ray, ECG, blood sugar levels, BP, food habits, cardio, etc. They offer an easy and convenient way for doctors to check daily records, check for medicines administered and stay abreast of patient health statistics. Patients can also use the tablets to call for assistance.

There are several statistics to prove that tablets are going to enjoy tremendous use in the healthcare industry in the coming years. As per the Global Medical Tablet PCs Industry 2016-2021 Market Research Report, the healthcare sector is forecasted to see a huge surge in demand for tablets. According to a Ricoh report, 74 percent of hospitals using tablets or other smart devices to collect and manage patient info are more efficient. Even patients (54 percent) report that they feel less anxious in the hospital where healthcare providers use tablets or other smart devices for data collection. Wolters Kluwer Health infographic states that 72% of physicians access to drug information from smartphones while 63% of physicians access medical research from tablets.


There were several critical challenges that the healthcare provider was facing: 

  • One of the biggest challenges the company faced was the possible misuse of tablets by the staff or the patients. As the devices are used through the course of treatment, the company had to find a way to ensure that they were purely utilized for medical purpose only.
  • Also, many a time, admitted patients are not technically savvy enough to use tablets without encountering issues. The elderly and infirm users need to be given easy-to-understand and simple-to-operate tablet solutions.
  • Another criteria for the healthcare service provider was monitoring the tablet statuses such as the battery, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Dealing with security issues in health care centers like protecting patient records, keeping information private and confidential and allowing access to authorized personnel were some very critical requirements.
  • The company also desired optimal performance from the devices deployed. Use of social media and other recreational apps on the tablets would end up affecting battery and data consumption while also impacting their shelf life.
  • Finally, technical issues with devices such as system and application settings had to be dealt with manually. Upgrading application used to be a tedious task for the company, especially when it came to dealing with multiple tablets. 

The company wanted an EMM solution that would help them manage and remote into the devices in case of application and system setting issues.


The company was on the lookout for an EMM solution that would offer remote management and lockdown solution for its devices. After a lot of market research, they decided on SureLock and SureMDM  offered by 42Gears. While SureLock allowed their app to run on a single application mode, SureMDM helped in remoting and managing the tablets.

After an initial trial period, SureLock and SureMDM were implemented on more than 2000 devices across its healthcare centers. 5 years later, the company is still continuing to use 42Gears solutions in its ongoing project. While the user-friendly format of SureLock ensures a strict lockdown technique on their tablets, the company is making use of SureMDM to stay updated on the device status and are able to conveniently perform any application update.

By staying open to suggestions on enhancements for products based on their deployment, a strong comradery was struck between one of the biggest corporations in the healthcare business and one of the leaders in EMM solution provider.


  • The user-friendly interface and the convenience of SureLock’s lockdown solution allowed patients to navigate to the app easily with just one click. It also ensured that the tablets were not misused in anyway and were utilized purely for their pre-defined medical use.
  • Working for a healthcare company meant that the EMM products had to be flexible and comprehensive enough to provide undeterred service. The scalable architecture of 42Gears products ensure that company devices are able to stay online 365 days a year. Also, the software products are platform agnostic and run well on all platforms used by the healthcare conglomerate.
  • SureMDM allows the company to push out updates or applications to all its devices remotely. Once SureMDM Nix agent has been installed on a device, its configuration can be done smoothly using different set of jobs available in SureMDM console. That’s exactly what was done in the deployment strategy of the healthcare giant. Once their devices were online on SureMDM web console, jobs were created as per their requirement and pushed out to the devices in one go, reducing the turnaround time.
  • All the patient’s data collected from the devices are stored at a centralized location. The sensitive data and status reports are kept on client server to ensure absolute confidentiality.

Working in the healthcare division comes with its own share of challenges. But 42Gears was able to meet all client requirements with responsive tech support. By staying open to suggestions on enhancements for products based on their deployment, a strong comradery was struck between one of the biggest corporations in the healthcare business and one of the leaders in EMM solution provider.