Top Reasons You Need a Remote Router Management Platform

Feb 14, 2022 | 42Gears Team

Router Management

Routers are one of the most advanced networking devices. Today, industries across the world employ various types of wireless and wired routers to enable and manage internet connection. The adoption of routers as key networking devices have helped power millions of devices across industries such as transportation, retail, healthcare and many more. 

According to research by Allied Market research, “The global router market size was valued at $14.90 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $33.96 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2021 to 2030.” 

Remote Router Management Features Supported on SureMDM

Reboot Router 

Loss in user productivity due to slow internet connection is a rising challenge. By enrolling the routers into the SureMDM platform, IT admins can easily reboot routers when they are not working properly. This may help admins in rebooting the router easily from a remote location which otherwise may not have been possible. 

Monitor Router Connection

Often, end-users struggle to keep their devices connected within a particular area. This inconsistency in the network connectivity may arise due to many reasons such as too many devices connected, outdated firmware, physical obstruction to the router’s signal path, and so on. As a result, it may hamper their productivity. Moreover, the routers may be mounted at a place or distance where it is difficult to reach. SureMDM’s Things management features offer a Device Information Panel which displays the information if the router is connected or disconnected.

Check Active SIM Slot

Many users who travel need the flexibility to work even when they travel can benefit from connecting their devices through SIM cards in a mobile router. Router management features in SureMDM allow admins to check which SIM slot is active and connect devices through the same.

Check Active Operator 

Routers offering more than one SIM slot will have only one operator active at a time. This is where monitoring active operators will be useful.  The active operator option in router management feature allows admins to inspect the current operator in service. Additionally, it ensures that devices remain connected seamlessly during an ongoing operation. 

Check Network Type

Network fluctuation may cause interruption  during an essential business operation. So, monitoring the network type can help admins to update networks automatically as per availability and reduce device downtime. 

Monitor Router Signal (dBm)

Certain areas in a location may receive the best internet signal. Identifying these zones can help admins to optimize business operations and maximize efficiency. Router management features offer a router signal monitoring option, which can enable admins to achieve this.

Monitor Router Temperature (Celsius)

Overheating of the router may impact its performance by slowing connection and dropping signal. Moreover, it can reduce the lifespan of the hardware. Monitoring router temperature can help overcome this challenge. It prevents the malfunctioning of the router due to overheating. Additionally, admins can set safety thresholds and create an event notification on SureMDM using the IoT management platform whenever the temperature goes beyond the threshold limit. 

Check Router Uptime in days, hours and minutes

Unplanned downtime can cost dearly to businesses. Not only does it reduce productivity, but also impacts IT, and customer service operations. Router uptime feature shows admins how long the router has been up. 

Check Analog Input in volts

This feature allows admins to monitor voltage fluctuations. 

Set compliance policy for the above Router policies

The router compliance policy features offered under SureMDM’s router management enable admins to configure safety parameters that are required for the Routers.This compliance policy allows admins to set alerts and notifications on the detection of non-compliance.

Locate the Router with details like date, time, Lat, Long, and address

The location tracking feature in SureMDM helps admins monitor real-time location of the router. The tracking information can be used to know the current location of a router as well as use the information to track the history of the router.

Some Industry Use Cases of Router Management Technology 


The banking industry relies on high network connectivity. It cannot function if there is a network fluctuation or if the router is offline, even for a few minutes. The router uptime feature can keep the network from disconnection by providing internet service continuously for multiple devices at the same time. 


Public transport companies employ routers for updating routes in real-time and giving out tickets. By enabling remote management of routers, businesses can get insights into analytics and efficiently gather and analyze information on the road traffic structure. This, in turn, helps them enhance the quality of services and optimize costs. Moreover, transport companies can use this data to optimize routes, bus stops and timetables. 


Managing and configuring network devices such as routers can be tedious as well as overwhelming. Moreover, considering the fact that these are unconventional equipment, configuring them effectively is even more challenging. This is where a trusted name like SureMDM by 42Gears stands out distinctly. With its comprehensive Things Management features curated specifically for routers, it automates router management tasks, eases configuration and deployment, and helps ensure compliance. Thus, businesses can rely on the solution to reduce network outages, monitor configuration changes in real time, and deploy equipment in bulk.  

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