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Allow only selected files and folders on an Android mobile

There are times when you do not necessarily want to lock down Android mobile devices with applications, however, lock them down with just some files or folders. SureLock is quite versatile when it comes to allowing different kinds of functions to lock down Android devices, it could be applications, documents like pdf/word/video files or general…

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Schedule Android devices to stay awake using SureLock & SureFox

An efficient marketing plan means good brand-positioning and effective customer engagement. The easiest way to spread brand awareness and increase customer engagement is by incorporating kiosks, self-service POS systems, digital signage and more. By embracing mobile and complementing applications, adoption of such plans have become quick and easy. 42Gears signature lockdown products for Android like SureLock, SureFox and…

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CloudTags Blends Digital and Physical Experience for Retail Customers with Help from SureFox and SureMDM

CloudTags is an Atlanta-based data start-up working with brick-and-mortar retailers to connect their digital and physical customer experiences. CloudTags’ technology allows in-store customers to create digital collections of everything they interact with by using location based devices that are provided by the retailer. CloudTags uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow shoppers to digitally…

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