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Remotely Update Video Playlist in SureVideo

Applies to: Product SureVideo Platform Android If you have multiple video playing kiosks installed at different locations, it is difficult to manage and update their video playlists individually. SureVideo, when used with Dropbox and Dropsync, can help you remotely manage the video playlists of multiple kiosks. Here is how it works: SureVideo – Provides device lockdown…

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SureMDM Remote Help-desk Solution

SureMDM On-demand has extensive support for providing help-desk support to end-user mobile devices. Features include: 1. View device screen when the device is away in the field. 2. Use keyboard and mouse to interact with the device 3. File explorer to add, remove, delete and launch files and applications 4. Process Viewer to view running…

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SureRC : Remote Administration tool for Windows mobile devices

We have released a new tool SureRC, a remote control and support software for Windows Mobile devices. It lets administrators take remote control of mobile devices and interact with the device using PC mouse and keyboard. SureRC works over TCP/IP networks (WiFi, Wired, GPRS, 3G). You can download the trial version from the SureRC product…

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