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Why healthcare must rethink security protocols

Share this: Security threats have wreaked havoc across sectors, but no other industry stands to lose as much as the healthcare industry does. Because they deal with lives, every single day. So if there’s one industry that cannot afford to make a wrong call, it’s healthcare. And healthcare professionals are only too aware of this.…

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Future of Mobility Solutions in Healthcare industry

Share this: The rising trend of mobility solutions adoption can be seen most prominently in the healthcare industry. Embracing these solutions have resulted in improved patient care and better experience. Though some of these technologies such as IoT and AI are still nascent, however, bringing them into healthcare can be a game changer.   The…

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Digital Signage Solution for HealthCare Organizations and Hospitals

Share this:The proliferation of new technology in healthcare is increasing and one of the main trends in healthcare currently is the use of digital signage, basically because it offers several benefits like improved visitor engagement, training and real time alerts. As per Grand View Research report “global digital signage market is predicted to reach USD…

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