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Strengthen your ELD Compliance with 42Gears Mobility Management

About ELD In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. It was first outlined along with the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” bill in 2012, enacted by the United States Congress. The ELD Mandate required the FMCSA to formulate a rule that dictates…

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Future of Wearable Technology at Workplace

The wearable industry started off as a small movement, but currently, it is generating huge interest among consumers. Investors and visionaries are flocking to this space, driving the market for wearable devices in various directions—one of which is leading to the workplace. Many organizations consider wearable as a technology focused more towards individual users. However,…

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4 common mobile device security threats enterprises face and ways to prevent them

Follow @42gears Growing mobility is changing the way Enterprise Information Technology departments work. Employees who are on the move have been quick to embrace mobile devices as productivity enhancing tools. These mobile devices are slowly replacing laptops and desktop computers and are being used by employees for all possible purposes that include getting in touch…

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Windows 10: Why enterprises should be excited about it

Microsoft has been focused on retaining its lead in enterprise gained over the years, after the disappointing launch of Windows 8. Windows 10 has been that bet and it is getting much better reviews already. It is also more than just an OS update and targets to provide a consistent user experience across different devices. Some of…

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Modernizing Supply Chain and Logistics with Mobile Technology

Supply chain industry is about moving materials from point of origin to finally the point of consumption. To remain competitive in today’s economy, it has become inevitable for establishments to incorporate mobile technology in their operations. Introduction of mobile devices increases efficiency, cuts cost, helps in making better decisions and streamlines operations in supply chain.…

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Introducing – SureLock Lockdown for Samsung Devices

SureLock now also comes in exclusive version for Samsung devices. With the regular Lockdown features and few additional enhanced ones, it is at its most Enterprise Ready form. Lets look at what is additional new in SureLock Lockdown for Samsung. 1. Hide Android Bottom Bar – No Rooting Required. No need for Superuser Permissions for this option…

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