Tablets for Education & Learning

Tablets for Education and Learning in schools

Tablets have filled the gap between mobile phones and laptops. One can easily carry them almost like a personal cell phone and can do useful work on them almost like a laptop. Tablets have created a new category of technology products and have been rapidly accepted by consumers as well as enterprises.
Tablets are also been looked upon as a perfect medium to deliver information in classrooms as they are very easy to use with a short leanring curve. Even young students can quickly learn how to get most out of tablets, thanks to modern UI design that is used these days to develop applications.

There are many advantages of providing tablets to students:

• Interactive delivery of information: Students learn easily if they have access to videos and audio content related to the topic being taught in the class. Say the topic is about solar system. Students would be more interested if they could see a video about how planets revolve around the sun and their position rather than just reading about them.

• Quick Tests: Teachers can quickly determine if the class has understood a topic by taking quick tests. Results will be available as soon as test is completed.

• Access to Library: Students can look up on their devices if a particular book is available in the library. The books can also be issued right from the device itself.

• Take Surveys: Schools can easily run a school wide survey on mobile devices with better accuracy of results.

• Quiz Programs: Random Quiz programs can be organized irrespective of where the students are. This can be a lot of fun for students.

• School Events, Notices, News, Exam schedules, Bus schedules etc: All such information can be readily made available to students on their tablets. No more regular visits to the notice boards.

• Availability of educational Tools such as Dictionaries, eBooks, Tutorials, Technical Papers etc

More Advantages:

• Reduce use of printed sheets (Go Green) and Save cost of textbooks
• Faster information exchange between students, teachers and school authorities.
• Students carry less weight to school (Good for young students)


Though mobile devices are powerful and have lots of positive features the same power can be easily misused by the students. Ensuring effective use of mobile technology is a concern for school authorities like;

• Schools have to ensure that stuends do not download malware and other illegal content on the devices
• Schools have to maintain other aspects of the hardware and software on the device

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