How to wirelessly send files to multiple Android devices?


Problem of sending files to multiple devices seems difficult but not if you use SureMDM.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Login to your SureMDM Web Console


2. On the top bar, click on Jobs

3. On Jobs screen, click on New Job

4. Select Android

5. On Create Job Android prompt, select File Transfer and click on OK


6. Next, click on Add to add a file


7. On File Transfer Properties, click on browse button to select the file or enter a URL from where you want the download the setup file


Note: URL cannot be one from public domain like Google Play. It can be link where you have directly hosted the setup file.

8. Specify the path on the device in Device Path field where you want the file to be saved

9. Check Use Authentication and enter User Name and Password if the given URL needs authentication for download


11.  Click on OK to complete

12. In the SureMDM Web Console, select a device or a group of devices and Apply the created job


Note: It is not necessary for devices to be online when a job is applied.

13. Devices will receive the job whenever they come Online and the file is copied to the specified path and installed

As you see SureMDM provides a very easy method to push files to may be hundreds of Android devices with just a few clicks. To learn more about SureMDM and its other features visit our product page.


To know more about SureMDM, click here.

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